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Over the weekend, a team of top influencers in Kenya explored different sight seeing venues within Kisumu county to explore what the lakeside has to offer.

Influencers at the top of the historic Kit Mikai trying to take the best shots

The trip that was sponsored by Google Africa aims to organize the world’s information by making it accessible to everyone through the use of Google Maps.

Hiking at Kit Mikai

As a visitor, tourist or travel enthusiast, some of the cultural and historical landmarks you need to bookmark when you land in the city include :

1. The peaceful Impala Sanctuary. There you get to have a quiet, chilled environment for picnic, camping, viewing of wildlife and learning of different types of trees in the forest section. Whether it’s brunch, buffer lunch or different cuisine, from the Impala park you can head deep into the Impala Ecolodge for meals and drinks. The lodge boasts of it’s perfect view of the Lake, as one can spend time on the MV Uhuru (a boat inside the lake).

Impala Sanctuary

2. Scenic Dunga Hill Beach. Set in the lake show, Dunga Hill Camp (DHC) is perfect site for camping, events and live band performance. If you are looking for a perfect sunrise and sunset view in Kisumu, then you need to be at DHC. And Oh! To me they have the most mouth-watering delicious pork in the region.

Dunga Hill Camp

3. The Historic Kit Mikayi in Seme. The historic rock is considered a Holy ground, as members of Legion Maria religion worship there. Whenever there is drought, they head to the rock to worship so as to have rainfall. The site is also great for hiking and rock climbing adventures.


Kit Mikayi

4. Hippo Point. Just from the name, Hippo Point is an open tour site located at the shore of the lake. It breeds Hippos, and when you visit the area during the day or late in the evening, you are likely to see the wildlife roaming around. It also boasts as a perfect sunrise and sunset view in the region.

Beading session at the Hippo Point

Kisumu is also known as growing entertainment hub, thus as a visitor it is key to experience Kisumu night life. One may either get to enjoy the live band performance like at Dunga Hill Camp every Friday evening or visit the bespoke clubs such as Black Pearl, JaNam club, Signature club, Willis Club, Epic Club, Da Bar or Club Da Place. Other getaway venues include the Roan Gardens, Dunga Beach for boat riding and ecotourism, Laughing Buddha as ideal eatery for Vegetarians and Kisumu Museum for the cultural aspects of the people from Nyanza.

Kisumu Night Life at Black Pearl Club

Exploring and discovering the world has now been easier through Google features such as Office Maps, Navigation, Google Maps, Near Me, Trending etc.

Impala Ecolodge

The essence of mapping business premises and tour sights is to help people in navigation from one point to another with easy. Whether you are a frequent visitor or you are visiting the site for the first time, you need to review everywhere you visit and make sure that the cordinates are updated on the map.

Traditional Homestead at the Kisumu Museum

” If there’s anything we observed at #kisumuwithgooglemaps is that everyone was competing to take photos and review places and up their level as localguides Let’s keep mapping .” remarks Dorothy Ooko, PR Lead for Google Africa.

One of the bloggers, posing with PR Lead for Google Africa – Dorothy Ooko
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