How to create a successful pitch as a content creator.


By Janet Machuka

How Content Creators can do or create a successful pitching to their clients:

1. Centre the Customer:

Put the users at center stage and talk about how your brand empowers them to live their best lives.

2. More Conversations and less pitching:

Build a relationship with your prospective clients and demonstrate how your product/service offers a direct solution to their problem.

“A successful sales pitch isn’t a monologue. It’s a dialogue.” – Jacqueline Smith

3. Create Outstanding Call To Action (CTA):

Use active language like “Buy Now” or “Click Now.” Create content that will evoke the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect.

4. Tell your brand or product story to create a connection:

Erik Luhrs, “In sales situations, stories allow the subconscious mind of the prospect to truly ‘get’ and see the valuable application of the solution. All humans run 99% subconsciously and 1% consciously.”

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