Chama Tingg Chats to make a debut launch in Kisumu


Chama Chat is a forum that “EMPOWERS YOU TO ACHIEVE MORE” through your

Chama, in partnership with experts who are experienced in investment and personal finance like Centonomy and Rafiki bank.

There have been 3 editions of Chama Chat in Nairobi with an average turnout of 70 participants and the inaugural edition tat was held in the Coast region in Mombasa with 80 participants.

The Chats are once every month with the goal of converting the participants into active Chamas on the Tingg app.

Tingg (formerly known as Mula) is a utility payments app that allows customers pay bill, buy tokens and buy airtime. Just recently,
a new feature for group contributions themed CHAMA/CHANGA was introduced that helps chama;
Contribute through one app.
View contributions, pledges and pending amounts.
Get reminders on due payments for their chamas.
Access reports for all members at anytime.
You can download Chama Ting app on google playstore through the link

From the 3 editions of Chama chat held in Nairobi and Mombasa, the questions that kept on being asked by the members of Chamas and their treasurers were :

“We have a successful chama and we have raised money. Where and how can we invest?”
“We have invested in a tuk tuk business. Was it the best option?”
“How do I start feeling the impact of being in my Chama. Where did we go wrong?”
“Am I in a Chama with the right people?”

Chama chat Kisumu edition will be happening on Saturday 27th August 2019 from 9am to 12 noon at American Corner ( inside Kenya National Library).

There are limited slots available, to make a reservation send your name and chama name to 0724722795.

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