Factors to consider when buying a used Pool Table for Business


By Njenga Francis

1. Check whether the coin machine is functional.
2. Check that the cussions are not worn out.
3. The table must be sold together with 1 triangle, 15 balls, and one white ball.
4. The balls must not be worn. For instance, the white ball must be a perfect sphere. Ask for another set if they’re worn, because it is part of the burgain.
5. Check the pool clothe (kitambaa). It should be as good as new since you’ll operate using it until you get enough money to replace it.
6. Ensure that the cue sticks (at least two) are in perfect condition. Please take note that players are choosy. Preferably one short and one long, one lighter than the other.
7. Check the inside of the table. The ball channels should be well allaigned. Please take note that some old tables have a tendency of getting pool balls stuck midway the runway.
8. Confirm that the marble is intact. Ask to be shown all the sides of the slate. Some pool tables may have cracked slate or marble top. The top costs more than 25,000 to replace.
9. Ensure that the gully boots (pockets) are not broken. Ask that your seller replaces the broken ones.
10. Lastly, ensure that the top is lockable.

Besides, ensure that all the corners are intact and the joints are not weak.

Also take note that marble/slate top tables add more durable and cheap to maintain than the local ones (wooden/MDF top ones).

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