NRG Radio turn up Kisumu at Janam Grills


The NRG radio Turn up at Janam Bar and Restaurant was EPIC. The sound system was on point, security check, ample dancing space and chilling spots.

From left to right (revellers Steve, Dave Ngiri of Lakeside Outriders, Laura Jean-Louis of Tembea Kisumu)

Big up Jalango, you performed magic with just 5 minutes on stage that got everyone leaving their seats to join the dance floor, more fun in the rain. Kisumu’s top dj, Pskratch had a mix like no another, all genres of music transitioned nicely that kept the crowd on their feet. Amoh Mixologist, you are so skilled at what you do. The art you apply to come up with the best cocktails is so admirable. Great service to the Janam club team.

Guest appearance by Willy Paul was one that left a lasting craving for more by the fans. Have you danced to njiwa while holding your *kabird tight under light showers? What was the experience? Did you feel special? Your answer perfectly fits Pozze’s performance. No more kujitia kitanzi moments.

Fans left the tents to dance in the rain

The only miss was the Captain Morgan promotion , the gate charge should have been redeemable by a drink of one’s choice of same value. Such gate restrictions should be disclosed in the advertising posters.

From right to left (CEO of Janam Club Mr Cornel Kombudo, Laura Jean-Louis of Tembea Kisumu)

All in all Kisumu night life at Janam club is the place to get the experience.

Tembea Kisumu

From right to left (Big Ben of El Molo Crocodile park, Laura Jean-Louis of Tembea Kisumu)
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