Have you ever been conned? If so, what happened and what did it feel like? What if we told you there is a platform where you could expose conmen and learn about them before they conned you?

Tapeli Mobile App is a platform developed to expose conmen and scam artist who you or someone close to you may have fallen victim to. What it does is to take action against them by providing a platform where victims can expose them via our mobile app, hence raising awareness and preventing these people from conning/scamming others. This mobile app also provides a platform where people can do a simple background check of someone before doing a business transaction with them.

What the app needs :
1. An outline of the story from start to finish
2. A Photo of the conman / Logo of the fraudulent company
3. Conman’s details (Name, nickname, All telephone numbers, vehicle details, their pictures and a description of them)
4. Dates
5. A police OB Number

This is not a revenge platform whatsoever. It is to highlight bad experiences people have personally had and to help others to avoid falling victim to the same scams and conmen.

How does the app make sure the information provided on Tapeli is authentic?

Before a victim posts their story on the app, they have to have the picture of the conman, must have reported to the police station and and have an OB Number. These information are required before the information is uploaded on the app.

The information contained in the platforms is for general information purposes only. The information is provided by victims of conmen/scammers, they make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the platforms or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on our platforms for any purpose. We are not liable whatsoever for any information posted on our platforms.

As a someone who has been a victim of conning, to me this app has come in handy at the right time. Not everyone can join “Buyer Beware” Facebook group for exposing cons, but all Android users can report fraud on the Tapeli so long as there is sufficient evidence and police report. I’d rate is at 8 out 10. As the issue of defamation and law suits may arise from the reports and it’s not clear how this would be handled.

Conmen have ruined many families but it is a time to put a stop to that vice. Expose them today and let everyone know who they are and the tricks they use to con others!

To download Tapeli Mobile App, click this link


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