Buyer Beware : Con recruitment agency – Changes Sales Solution


Have you ever been invited for a job in a different town, then your joy is short-lived because an agency wants to reap more than what they sow.Well, this was my experience a marketing and recruitment agency based in Chaka court (Argwings Kodhek) Nairobi, Kenya called Changes Sales Solution or famously abbreviated as C.S.S.When being invited for training or interview, the officials don’t disclose exactly what the project entails. Also the salary stated by the organisation before being invited for the interview is higher, during contract signing its is significantly reduced by 20-25%. The difference goes to the company in form of “agent commission.”What follows is a training, where marketers or sales representatives are promised facilitation materials to ensure that they deliever in the field work.Things like field vehicles, laptops, android phones for tracking your movements, airtime and so on.This is contrary to the information stated in the contracts, the 3 months probation can be short lived depending on individual’s performance. They term as gross dismissal is done unnoticed and the notification email is sent to the next of kin before the person who signed the contract.

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