Sometimes it takes faith to quit the race


By Jesus uk.com

Often in life we get caught up in striving and trying to succeed. After all, you’ve heard the phrase ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’. So we work hard, strive and struggle.

We become experts at doing the ‘good works’, faithful in religious exercise and seeking and exploiting connections to networks of both peers and the ‘in crowd’ that we believe will help us.

From the outside we appear to be faithful and full of faith. We appear hardworking, ambitious and on course to achieve our success. But on the inside we know the truth that we have drifted and lost our way.

Somewhere along the line, we have allowed ourselves to be seduced into thinking that we must qualify for God’s intervention, help and blessing in our lives.

We have traded our peace for human effort, activities and the acceptance of men.

We need some reminders:

The race is not always won by him that runs or wills. Nor is every victory secured by power or by might.

God who is Spirit, is the co-Author and co-Architect of your life. Whilst you are a co-worker with God in the project that is your life, God remains the Senior Partner; the Father of your beginnings. God is on your side, not against you.

God makes up for what you lack – God’s strength is made perfect in your weakness.

When you’ve run out of ideas, God is ready to step in with a new and fresh vision for your life. When you’ve spent your energy and strength, God is ready to breath into you a new zest and passion for life. When men write you off, God is just starting with you. When all hope and chance of success or breakthrough appear to have dissolved, God is just getting ready to surprise you with an outcome that exceeds your wildest dreams.

So perhaps it is time to quit trying to do it in our own strength. Perhaps it is time to stop, pause and rest in the Everlasting Arms.

Sometimes it takes faith to quit the race, so that God can place your feet firmly on the path to your own success and fulfilment.

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