Worrying trend – Uber Kenya scam


There have been increased complaints of how uber drivers in Kenya operate.  The trend is highly common in Nairobi.

As a user when you request for an uber ride on the app, a driver arrives at a pick up location, switches off the phone, he or she does not say a thing. The driver waits for five minutes, then cancels the trip and drives away. Uber charges 150 Kenyan shillings because the driver waited for too long. As a result of that the driver gets free money.

Below are some of the complaints raised by different Kenyans on their Uber experience:

“It happened to me yesterday (December 4th 2017).. he didn’t call..and then sent a message “where are you?” then I asked him “who are you” he responded “uber” ..asked him ” why can’t you call” he asked me “why don’t you” – Maina Githinji

“Once, a driver accepted the trip then after waiting for a while I called them. He told me, my destination was not on his way home so he cancelled on me. I got charged.” – Waithera Wanyee

“I once booked a ride just for the driver to call and ask how much is the estimate when I told him he told me that’s too little money find another driver!!..like I set the fares!” – Umma


“This ‘your rider is completing another trip’ thing got old months ago Uber Kenya. After I’ve been waiting for 20mins for a guy that can’t answer his phone, why should I be the one charged for cancelling the trip?” – Richie Odak

“Uber Kenya I would like my refund asap. I can’t pay for a trip I didn’t take plus cancellation fee.” – Marion May

“Uber Kenya has to be the no 1 scammers in the world. 4th time ordering and having to cancel coz the drivers have decided to not come pick me” – Kevine Ronoh

As we mark the end year, we hope Uber Kenya will be able to put proper systems in place to deal with cancellation, and double charging of the clients who undertake the services and be able to offer some form of punishment to drivers who intentionally cancel their clients rides after the request has been done. The mapping should be accurate too to avoid clients being booked to rides that are so far away leading to further delay.

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