Kisumu city is like a clean child with dirty leaking diapers


Kenyans have been giving praises to the governor of Kisumu, professor Anyang’ Nyong’o for ensuring that the city maintains its clean nature. The fact is that, since the elections that were held in August 2017, the pavements and roads to and within the city have been more cleaner. Just like a baby, one cannot bathe a young one, dress them in clean clothes while still maintaining the dirty diapers. Kisumu town is clean on the outlook but the structures are filthy, worn out and need refurbishing.

A dumpsite that is behind Khetias supermarket, blocking the road connecting Kisumu social
But as you know all that glitters is not gold, the drainage system of Kisumu as a whole is in a wanting and deplorable state. As soon the rain pours, the residents struggle to move in the floody waters all way from the Central Business District (CBD) to the estates.

Leaking sewerage next to Khetias Supermarket (the one next to Kisumu social hall)
Through my walk in the city I have marked a number of places with leaking sewerage. One is right infront of Chek Mulla building. Two is the entry point to Makasambo – Polyview road from the voice of Salvation and Healing Church, this sewerage leakage began in April 2017, it has now made the road impossible. To make it worse there is a floating bar (Beel Bar Carwash ) a bar that was built on top of the sewerage line. There are plenty of hotels and food vendors on the same site making the area a health hazard to the residents of both Makasembo, Polyview and Ondiek estates. Three, there are leaking sewerage systems next to Tumaini and Khetias supermarkets ( the ones that are based next to Kisumu bus stage).

Leaking sewerage at Beel Bar (next to Polyview – Makasembo road)
The county staff are also fond of leaving the dump collection points to pile up with dirt to the point that they spill over. The roads in the CBD cannot just be swept then the litter bins are not emptied, the two go hand in hand. There is also a piling heap behind Khetias supermarket, next to Kisumu social hall. The filth together with the supermarket’s leaking sewerage has made the road impassable .

Leakage from Khetias supermarket that had spread through Kisumu social hall road

Of growing concern is insecurity situation in most estates in Kisumu. As a keen resident, it is not rocket science to notice that most of the street lights in the CBD are not working. Also in estates that have been faced with security concerns like Ogango, the flood lights that is next to the Star Complex hospital has not been operational. This makes the area along Auji river to be dangerous as the thieves are taking advantage of darkness to rob innocent and hardworking citizens from as early as 7pm.

There is a road construction that is currently ongoing along Kisumu – Kakamega road with unmarked diversions. Right next to Jelaram Hospital there is a hole that has been dug that covers half of the road that is claiming lives. Over the past 3 weeks,a driver of a private  car, tuktuk and motorbike rider have been casualties of the spot especially at night. To make it worse the street lights along that area are non-operational too.

Current status of a hole in the pathway in between Post bank and KCB Bank

I am not going to address the issue of Kachok dumpsite since systems have already been put in place to curb the menace. I hope this will create more room for expansion of Moi Stadium and promoting the sports culture in Kisumu. The county government has made great progress in relocating the vendors who had take over the pathways in the CBD especially next to Kisumu boys round about and the former Oile market.

I hope Professor Nyong’o together with his staff will look into it that even as major highways are being built in Kisumu, liase with KIWASCO to ensure that the drainage system are also worked on. Light the city in the bid to make it a 24 hour economy, the darkness is wanting.



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