It’s October let’s talk Cancer, courtesy of Rotaract Club of Kisumu


“My name is Wendy Christine Awuor. Am 37 years old and a single mother of 2 Boys. I work in Vimba 68 club as a supervisor.

 I started seeing a clear discharge from my right nipple in the 2013 but was told my hormones were imbalanced. I was given pills which I took but nothing happened. By 2016 August I detected a swelling on my right armpit so I started palpating and I felt the first lump on my breast. I wasn’t sure so I went to Jaramaogi Oginga Teaching & Referral Hospital (JOOTRH) during October  free testing where they confirmed that there was a lump so I was done for both ultra sound that said it could not detect any lump, latter FNA to know what it was.  

My results came back that I only had a dental infection that was to be corrected by antibiotics. I stayed with the lump for 2 more years until I started bleeding from the nipple so I started seeing a doctor again who insisted on a surgery which I couldn’t afford at the time coz I was broke and didn’t have a job so I started  saving up and finally did the surgery in 2010 April. I was operated in the breast and armpit at the same time. After the surgery they did a histology and the results came back the breast had a benign tumor and the armpit a   lipoma so there was no cause for alarm.

In 2014 I started feeling a lump again. Went for an ultrasound that suggested that it was another benign lump but after a while it became so big and it would bleed every now and then so I started seeing a surgeon who did several tests and then booked me for a second surgery that was done in May 2015.  This time round I was operated on four different sites.  2 on the breast,  1 on the armpit and 1 on the shoulder. All the lumps were benign so again there was no cause for alarm. The next lump started even before I healed so I got so worried.  

Deep down I knew something was not right.  I kept on monitoring this new lump until August 2016 when I was told to book for surgery again!  I could not be operated in January as planned due to the doctors strike. Since I wasnt able to afford private hospitals I started saving again and managed to go for the surgery at St. Monica’s hospital last month September 9th. 

On 18th I got my result.  When I was called by my doctor, I was back at work running my errands as usual.  I assumed it would be my normal benign tumor results but I got the shock of my life when he first wanted to know my last report from the lab.  I explained it to him then he was like 

“well Wendy this time it’s cancer.” 

he went on taking but I don’t think I heard anything he was saying at the time.  He must have handed me the report coz my gaze was focused on the piece of paper on his desk before me and all I could see popping up were the words PAPPILARY CARSINOMA.  I asked to go home and talk to him the next Day coz I said we needed to work very fast. I was going home but what kept coming to my mind was that I had cancer, I was going to loose my breast next week and I was broke like a church mouse.  I have already been operated and am yet to heal from the wound so I can start further treatments. Am aware of the hardships of cancer treatment but I believe I will heal.”

Rotaract Club of Kisumu has organised a cancer awareness talk on 28th of October 2017 to commemorate the Breast Cancer Awareness month. During this period, we expect to learn about the disease and how to manage with the situation at hand. The event will happen at New East View Hotel from 2 to 4 pm. Guests include – Emmanuel Jadudi, a brain tumor survivor, Wendy Christine, a breast cancer survivor and Rosemary Okwaro of Kisumu Hospice.

Kindly create time and attend.

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