If you are not at the table, you are the dinner.


By Dr Wandia

Many of us women know what its like to be called for meetings and reduced to flower girls. 

The agenda and decisions were made at a previous meeting of the boys at the bar, or the masseuse’s parlor, and they’re just humoring you. Since you have no role play, you’re thrown a nice task like serving tea or taking minutes, like a bone at a dog.

If you try to speak, you’re politely listened to. When you finish, your responded to with a “thank you” or something equally patronizing.

In other words, you’re being had. As Caroline Mutoko once said,

 if you’re not at the table, you’re the dinner.

That’s how I feel about these elections. The result was decided in 2013, if not before. And the international community backed it up. 

They tweeted photos, and called journalists to manels where they sang about  about SDGs to give us healthcare, education, infrastructure. When the teachers, doctors, nurses and Kenyans said that development can only be decided and implemented by us, the rich wouldn’t listen. 

They humored us with bones of pretending to engage us, but they’d already divided our healthcare, education, infrastructure between them

Now the international businesses and their small time local thieves are telling us that the voice of wananchi will matter on Oct 26. But I’m not going to use my coins and energy to go line at the booth to be just a flower girl for decisions already made.

If IEBC will not implement minimum changes, Muigai &  his international bosses can cook my vote on Oct 26 like the bosses did in Haiti.

In 2015, only 8% of Haitians voted, and so the internationals had to cook votes to raise turnout to 22% https://t.co/qR2P3YVADp. So I’ll do like the Haitians. International community and its local lackeys can #cookmyvote. Cooked votes are tasty served with chicken. 

And we all know, IEBC has a thing for chicken, either from Britain or the digital ones from France.

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