Students who cause trouble never run back to lecture halls or hostels – Anonymous Police



Dear Sir, 

I know you don’t know me and I also don’t know you but I have many times seen you on national television channels talking a lot of sensible things to Kenyans. So when I checked your name on facebook I found it. The reason I am writing to you is this. I am a police officer serving in the Kenyan police service and I have a daughter at one of the universities in Kenya. My wife is also an officer serving at a different station. Our daughter having joined the university is one of the greatest things that ever happened to us so when my wife received a video of some of our colleagues brutalizing girls the age mate and innocence of our daughter I felt unbearable pain and I felt like murdering someone in retaliation. When I saw innocent  girls and boys being pulled out of the safety of their beds and desks I felt like walking out of the force and going out to protect the innocent with my blood. It was painful to see and officer who swore with the Bible to protect life and property separate an innocent girl from the rest and brutalize her in the presence of others, it was painful and I started wondering who had ordered them to do so and with what aim.

I have been in the force for many years including several years that I served at central police station in Nairobi and one thing that I know is that students who cause trouble never run back to the hostels or lecture halls but rather disappear in the city visiting their relatives.

Many of these girls and boys being brutalized are from poor families like ours and of those officers who defiled them. Those of the rich are either abroad or live in private apartments.

What is more painful is how can a national leader send officers to go and rape innocent citizens and destroy their lives just keep power. Aren’t all human beings equal before God.

Even though my daughter was not among those defiled, I will one day get an opportunity to revenge for my daughters age-mates and colleagues in a way which I know best. 

Despite all these many things that I have written, the reason why I decided to address this issue to you is so that you make it a topic of your discussion and let my fellow force members know that other than the uniform and the gun they are also Kenyans and they may also have friends and relatives among the Kenyans they rape on a daily basis. One day we will be out of the force or simple be on the other side of the law and wish we inculcated in our colleagues the sense of fairness and rule of law.

Majority of those who brutalized our young daughters also looked young but it will not be long before their own daughters also get to university and they will feel the same pain me and my wife felt. 

Sir, I am sorry for bothering you but now I feel better that somebody responsible has heard my feelings.

I am not from your tribe or Babu Owino’s. But I also know the officers did not check tribe first, they did not find out first which students sympathized with Babu either. They have been given a blank cheque to have fun with people’s daughters because Jubilee must punish their enemies, real or imagined. Let the world know.

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