How I started Mitumba business – Grace Ndung’u


It was 2013 when I was expecting my first born. Like any other first time mum I did window shopping, picking those lists you are given to plan. Someone told me before going to a shop and buying new stuff I try gikomba and toi. I had been to toi market before and to Gikomba once the hardware side. I decided to make a trip to Gikomba and because of all what people used to say about Gikomba eg being robbed, I became scared after alighting and decided to shop just near the stage.  I was excited to go home with a full paper bag and had spent 700 Bob only. Now it became an addiction, after going there 3 times I decided to go in and explore, had left all the valuables in the office. Walaaaa I discovered kwa gacucu, all kids stuff. 

Anyway I shopped till baby come and then I started dressing my baby. At 3 months my boy was wearing jeans n checked shirts, Polo shirts, dirty jeans.  Everyone who has a son knows how hard it is to shop for them. Everywhere I went with my son people could ask me where I shop for my boy and I would tell them Mitumba and offer to bring. I started taking orders and sometimes wouldn’t get anything at Gikomba so I would go to toi market. I have done IT and graphic designing in Germany, from 2004-2011, so I just love computers. 2014 november I created a facebook page (collection D’Elegance) registered the name and opened an account and I decided why not do this side hustle professionaly. 

I have a web and graphic designing company been self employed since 2011 so I could manage to go to Gikomba or toi anytime. I took 2k went to Gikomba and selected Polo shirts for men, boys T-shirts and chiffon tops. 

Have been selecting ever since till last year August gikomba when I opened my first bale. Why I couldn’t open a bale its because everyone told me nitachomeka. I decided to go for it and opened the first bale thinking I had gotten the best, then 2nd ikanichoma mbaya the third one was worse I even decided to go back to selecting until I decided to do my research at Gikomba market. Asking all those who open bales where they source them for etc. 

Nobody showed me Gikomba, I discovered mashimos  myself by exploring and everytime I go there up to date I discover a shimo. 

I made a decision to advice people and share information to help those who are willing but luck the information. Have always done my advertisements online and everytime I get a client I make sure they come back with more clients. 

Last year October I created a group called Mitumba Chap Chap which from the testimonies has really helped a lot of people. Mid this year I started selling bales, so my clients mostly the beginners will first get an opportunity to be mentored, taught how to price after opening and motivate them.

Oh did I say from 2003-2016 I was selling from the house? Then September 6th last year I opened a shop in the CBD where you will get clothes as low as 50bob, I also have another behind KU main Campus. 

Last but not least:-

1) any business mainly mtush is not for the non-learned am a degree holder in IT

2) mtumba is not for lazy and faint hearted

3) If you are the type with excuses all the time utakaa maskini mpaka mwisho.

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