The Kenyan designer you admire their business are supported by their family members


By Letoya Johnstone

Rule whilst you know that :

Everybody talks about everyone; friends included. All that matters is where it coming from. In a world where competition is not yourself but with others it just happens.

That’s why it is a community.
Don’t take everything personal. People love each other they just have different opinions and ways to show it.

If we don’t fight then we are lying to the world that our fashion industry is perfect. They are not stupid. What we are experiencing in Kenya is not even a snippet of what people experience in the world we admire out there.

Building a brand is not equal to sales. Read about Alexander McQueen and other Top Design houses and you will be faced with a rude shock.

Style has remained but only the first true ones. These fast fashion doesn’t last like before and as you keep hiding what you want to do someone has had the same idea and tried it.

What you call gossiping is what First Class top companies hire people to do. Ever wondered why top companies never fire lazy gossiping people in their company? What you are busy avoiding or teaching people to stop doing is the real deal. They gave it a sweet name, ” Grapevine. ”

There is no such thing as ” Beauty. ” Trust me, Beauty is only beautiful when it is debatable . Even the most beautiful are some people’s normal. Humans give the title and so the majority rules.

Don’t you ever compare yourself with someone else more so if you are a woman. That’s the downfall of everyone. Their life, car , job don’t prevent them from either going to the barber shop to cut their hair or to the salon to sew their fake wigs just like you. Just learn to be inspired by those people.

Success is relative. Not everyone can be Johnstone Letoya or Oprah Winfrey. Wherever you are at the moment is where you are intended to be. Less hard work gives the person behind you a vision while your hard work makes everyone pay attention to you. You are only selling before someone finds out that secret ingredient but even if they do, what makes you sell is the magic you do it with.

God is for us all. Every human being for themselves. So deal with it. Which top designers have closed their doors in Kenya or internationally? People don’t sleep outside here my fashion people. Forget the newspaper pictures and nice food photos You See here on social media. The real deal is at home. Thank me later.

The Kenyan designer you admire their business are supported by their husbands or family members. If it was just designing in Kenya then almost none will be standing. You will be shocked that not even a single list will make the cut.

Lastly, I might be wrong in everything I wrote up there but trust me darling, where there is a wrong is when you realize that truly truth do exist. Life is like a coin. You can’t do without the other side.

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