Dear Kenyan fashion Industry


By Letoya Johnstone

“If you do not value where you are at the moment then there are chances that you won’t value where you are going. ”

Lupita Nyong’o on being asked by Lilian Muli during an interview why she was a Personal assistant during the ” The constant gardener ” movie shoot.

She found serving people coffee during the shoot humbling because she understood how so many people longed to be in that position. This is a sign of humility coming from a daughter of a Kenyan minister by then.

Lesson :

If our Kenya Fashion Industry people would appreciate where we are at this moment then we are able to turn things around. No one starts from the top. Our past mistakes and the bile we have for each other must be replaced by love as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter how many people love you after all no one wants to go through ego trip once all is done. We just have to deal with the situation in the Now to focus on tomorrow. We are Kenyans and we are resilient and beautiful and trust me, we learn extremely very fast.

Let us hold hands, pray, forgive, put in hard work and Forge ahead. We are the stars. No me will come to fix us… Not even the government. We must fix ourselves first and the rest shall fall into place.

Everyone has a story or something to say about our industry or our relationship with each other in the fashion industry but my question is, ” Who do you expect to fix you when you are busy writing on social media how the industry is bad? ”

The time and energy you use to criticize the industry and to form bile or sneaking to do things behind other people should be used constructively to better this fashion industry. Let’s put hate aside and try love. You will be surprised on how powerful Kenya is.

Now we are the most powerful on twitter or social media. Imagine if the same might could be used to fix the broken and to lift the fallen or struggling designers, fashion stylists, catwalk coaches and choreographers and every individual in this beautiful fashion industry; Won’t we be far ?

There is no such thing as individual success. A great team work makes dreams come true. I am not going to lie to you that hatred and competition is going to stop. It is here till the end of time. The only difference is if we leave so much room for love, mentorship, learning to work with people irrespective of anything else…. We shall soar. We don’t need to do it once. Just every day practice changes a behavior by unlearning those bad traits we learned and practiced and enabled become our behaviour.

Every one is special in this Kenya fashion industry. From the tailors to the media personalities. We just must learn to coexist with each other and do things the right way. This ego trip is never going to enable us win this war. We are the journey and so the roads are special and full of bumps. We can’t chose to be like our politicians. We must be politically correct. You, me, us….. That’s the change. This is the chance to challenge our intellectual selves for us to shine. Our playing small does not define us. We are incredible beyond.

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