Big Q : Who or what killed Edderlyne Samba?


By Hon Jim Bonnie

You remember the lady who died the following morning after celebrating her birthday?

Edderlyne Ater Kagose Simba, the hardworking, prosperous, friendly and ever smiling queen from Nyatike celebrated her birthday on October 27, 2016. The following morning she was reported dead. Edderlyne like a couple of ladies had achieved a lot without relying on men/man. She was swimming in middle-class lifestyle. She had a stable job, owned rental houses, owned a car; I’m talking about the kind of life that isn’t exaggerated but one that you and me who is still struggling to keep a million bob in the bank without visiting every second to withdraw would admire.

Details of her death at first were sketchy, transparently ambiguous and questionable. The questions that lingered in the minds of her family, friends and villagers in Nyatike who are still dumbfounded was, how could a lady who was in her best moods just die like that the following morning? Did she die out of natural causes or could there have been a hidden hand? These question would late be conclusively settled by a postmortem report which I accessed. Edderlyne was KILLED.

The report disapproved earlier reports that she fell down. It clarified that she was hit with a blunt object at back of the head that tattooed the skull leading to internal bleeding. Her phone too was damaged. The question is who and why? That fateful morning she reported to work but was called back to the house by someone close to him, why? Those who mourn her on social media while shedding crocodile tears have never and have refused to say that she was murdered even after postmortem report, why?

It’s now over 40 days, Edderlyne hasn’t been buried because the matter is being pursued. Her mom is under suicide watch back in the village and the family in agony. Another question, why was her only car taken to Kisii to do taxi business without her knowledge yet the man she loved told her he was using the car to campaign? I will be back.

RIP Edderlyne Samba (Nyar Nyatike), a woman of substance
RIP Edderlyne Samba (Nyar Nyatike), a woman of substance
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