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What’s up with this make up generation


​Whats with this makeup generation anyway,its we who have changed,the world still brightens as was created,the modern girl they say

All the cups you used in the kitchen are stained and have the red colour of your lipstick

All the people you hugged have their white shirts stained with your brown powder without them noticing only to be told at the office

All the people you pass by have been sneezing because of your strong ‘designer’ perfume you wore today

And when our eyes locked,i noticed your fake eye lashes you modern girl,I noticed your brows were just aligned in a single line,above the fake lashes was another colour different from your lipstick

All the way you walked you left others wondering whether you didn’t see your tiny dress in the mirror or whether the people you stay with were not around when you left the house,Maybe you thought it was a night out yo!

The sun is high up for you to put on the black and knee length boots.

Your finger nails just fell and because its a boda boda operator that said it did,you picked it and forgot to say thank you

Anyway,whatever that phone cover is whether modern or is to act as your future kids toy,let me mind my business.

I’m imagining how weighty the earrings and bungles are,but at some point I believe that tight bracelet might stop one of the veins.

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