I sold County weekly newspapers to raise fee for journalism course|Nancy Monica


From Humans of Kisumu, compiled by Adhiambo Fiona

“I used to sell County Weekly newspapers in the streets of Kisumu to raise money to enroll for a Journalism course. Every day I woke up at 5am to walk to town so that I could save money my cousin gave me. I could persevere throughout the day since I couldn’t walk back home for lunch. With the little I had, I registered for the journalism course at Maseno University, but later had to hold up because I couldn’t afford to pay the full amount for the semester.

I looked up to Julie Gichuru as I was growing up, I wanted to be just like her. Her discipline, the ambitions she had towards telling the African stories made me so proud of her. My parents told me to enroll for a business management course because the Journalism course was too expensive for them. It was hard but I agreed and changed courses. My family members came in to sponsor my business course at University of Nairobi and it has helped me know how to manage my business, also helped me discover my talent which is beading.

Despite the fact that I didn’t do my dream course I still reach out to people through my beading accessories which has made me go places mostly the fashion industry. I would encourage my fellow youths to use whatever they have, however small to realize their dreams. Good things take time.”

"Use whatever you have, however small to realize your dreams. Good things take time" - Nancy Monica
“Use whatever you have, however small to realize your dreams. Good things take time” – Nancy Monica
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