You do not just jump to bed with P2 as a solution


By Winnie Wadera

I know its Saturday night and hapo area code ya Akamba is lit, lights , loud jams, dudes looking fly, mamas looking red and sexy, folks in high spirits ,loosening up from the long week.

And later, there is going to be some hot cosy pairing up as well.

.. I’m thinking,  the man who is faithful to buy you P2 every weekend, last weekend, the other weekend, sometime in the week on the other week, and most likely a few times last month does not love you! 

Medically the Postinor 2 (p2) has a very regulated procedure or else you sufferer reproductive health consequences.

Why would you risk the reproductive health of someone you claim to love? 

And why are you in a hurry to have thirsty ,unprotected sex if you claim to want to spend  forever with them, Unless there isn’t forever in mind!

Men with forever in mind can wait , men who are  thirsty bumpers rush! 

Oh and in this day HIV/Aids and STI’s are controlled. You can never tell from face value, P2 only prevents pregnancy. These hot men you see out here looking fly are loaded with all sorts of things , same to these curvy sexy women do not just jump in bed with P2 as your solution.

Men with forever in mind don’t rush you, thirsty hyenas take you through P2s every weekend !

You have got to love yourself girl. When you are infected or infertile in future he will not be there , you will be all alone mama looking for Jesus

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