IEBC protest Survivor in Kisumu seeks JUSTICE


​By Derrick. A. Ogendo

Folks, its 3 Months down the line since Mr Derrick Ogendo was Shot during IEBC protests, to make it worse he was not protesting. It was the darkest day of his Life.

The people responsible are walking scot free. They even got promotion in their respective posts after shooting hence injuring 26 people and killing 6 people, they still walk into Bars and Drink silly, celebrating the “Good” job they Did. Now he is still recovering while NO Action was taken and the perpetrators are busy enjoying themselves.

 Kindly Share this Post widely To Shame and Bring to Book those involved. Police officers Musa (in cap) and Maiyo were very instrumental in shooting demonstrators and innocent people in Kisumu. 

In blue cap and stripped T-Shirt is CPL Musa Mamuti NO: 81216. In white trouser without cap is CPL John Maiyo NO: 70084. With Red cap is called Ng’eno. Vehicle changed from KBZ 547 Y to KCG 875 T.

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