How Kisumu bodaboda riders were short-changed in Rwanda trip by the county thieves 


​By Dan Omondi

(A bodaboda rider from Kisumu who went to the Rwanda trip, sponsored by the county government of Kisumu)

No to corruption,no to divide and rule,no to intimidation.Madam Kere the county minister for Youths, Culture & Social Affairs, instead of holding inclusive meeting you opted to manipulate us, few 1000/= (thousands) you gave out will not reach many, you err on that.

Kindly convene an inclusive forum for delegation who went to Rwanda and clear the air in regard to the following concerns.

  1. Transport, you used school bus during the trip, this can not cost ksh 15000 .The cost is sh 4000 to and fro.

  2. Accommodation and food. This Cannot cost sh2500 per person daily,before our supreme God you know it’s not logical.You used St Andre Catholic college instead of guests house where ten to thirty people slept together in a single room.

The food was of the same diet (rice,beans and banana daily) until we, the bodaboda riders returned. The riders were given an allowance of sh 12500 per person instead of 25000 in the initial agreement.

Kindly tell us how much was meant for the trip and how you spent it??. Your action towards boda boda delegation was in bad faith and unjustified. Stop denting the image of the good Governor and county at large.The trip was meant to impact a great change in our Transport sector,not to enrich few individuals.Kindly do what is required of you madam kere.

Does this add upto 10 Million?

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