About Magadi Primary School in Kisumu


​By Steven Nakamusewe

During the second world war, some Europeans were staying in Kisumu, guards protecting the british colonials.

They had tents pitched on the present area occupied by the school. The place was bushy and therefore provided for a safer hiding ground of them monitoring for any attack from the enemies or any eventualities.

The indigenous having no knowledge of the word “guard” referred to the place as Maguardi” giving it the indigenous dialect in pronunciation hence the acquisition of the school’s historic name “Magadi Primary School” during it’s launch.

The school is set on 1.70 acres on a rocky stable ground. The institution provides a very special education for the mentally challenged, housed in a special unit classroom. The environment is very friendly and caring for children aged 3-14 years, though free primary education has opened room for varied age groups to access learning. 

The staff believe in excellence through self discipline and equality for all. They try to offer out-standing environment giving every child the opportunity to accomplish his Godgiven talent.

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