JOYLESS in JOYLAND Special School in Kisumu


By Eric Ochanji

And I write this with a heavy heart.

Joyland special Primary school in Kisumu was built as an educational center to help the physically handicapped (what the world now calls DIFFERENTLY ABLE children) children of our society attain the education and care that meets their unique circumstances. The school’s sponsor is The Salvation Army.

With the support of generous donors touched by the plight of these children, a school infrastructure that meets their unique needs was set up. Two of these was a swimming school to assist their feeble limbs with HYDRO THERAPY and Four staff houses for round the clock carers.

First, the Salvation Army Chaplain resident in the school has given the houses to outsiders and himself yet they cannot offer care to the children at night. It is a common sight seeing a struggling child literally on her belly trying to access life’s basic infrastructure like the toilet.

Two, the same Chaplain simply because the school was founded by the Salvation Army, has decided to overrule the headteacher and all the teachers and has decided to commercialize the swimming facility. Which is a good thing.

The bad thing is that he has banned the pupils of the school for whom it was built for Hydro therapy from using the facility saying they ‘interfere’ with the pool. Other schools, private parties, individuals name them come to the school to enjoy and relax their limbs while the children for whom it was built look through the fence.

While I ask The Salvation Army Regional head to restore sanity at the school, I have a message for you.

If you are part of the schools, individuals, party organizers who use this swimming pool, you are part of the injustice to these children with special needs. You are helping stop the development of their limbs through hydro therapy. Use and let them use too. You can boycott the facility till sanity reigns.

This is not God’s work Salvation Army. And that Chaplain is hardening his heart in the service of the lord!

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