They killed my spirit, my smartness was sent down the drainage


By Everlyne Odhiambo

I’m supposed to go tie and fix curtains at my client’s place in Milimani….my client is one filthy rich classy lady..”bank otuch“…..yaani pesa kwake siyo shida…her house is very beautiful yaani ukiingia ndani unashindwa ukae ama usimame…so l wanted to dress up for the occasion l do not want to be mistaken for mama kufua…so l decided to fit myself in one of my stretcher six pieces short skirt and my tight fit blouse that shows a bit of my cleavage…yaani today l wanted to be the hottest babe in kisumu…n u know this stretcher skirt reveals your figure.

l could feel my pom pom shaking..l look in the Mirror and l like what l see…I then head to the road to board a matatu to town …as l pass by everybody in my village stares..my village is around Nyamasaria…all eyes on me..today am dressed to impress..l alight in town and still have the feeling of smartness..even the walking style has changed..my pom pom moves vigorously..men in Kisumu were gaping l could feel it.

Suddenly l realized that l do not have the hooks that l need for fixing the curtains..so l decided to go to Naivas supermarket and buy hooks.. then I opted to go to Tuskys instead, it is a bit far but I would rather walk while showing up my skirt..l could hear bodaboda men whisper” nyathi ma nyako ni ochwere..Ber neno”(the lady is created, worth looking at) ¬†heee it gave me hopes..the hottest babe in Kisumu…Nyar kano twech nego ekisumo…naingia Tuskys l buy my hooks..then l pass by the wash room to relieve myself..then l proceed to Milimani to fix the curtain..as l leave tuskys..

The feeling of smartness is still in me .This time l could see women looking at me as if there was a mistake..so l brush it off , women and jealousy…..I walk past Tuskys gate, contemplating if l should continue walking up to Tumaini supermarket then nichukue Pikipiki ya kuenda Milimani…the feeling of smartness.still fresh in me…..suddenly l heard a shout….kuangalia nyuma a boda guy was addressing…”ochweya kawuono koro itangonwa mana siendani”Leo kafaty anatuonyesha matako…

Kuangalia nyuma l almost fainted, dunia isimame nishuke..yaani vile nilitoka washroom.my skirt ilijifold kwa panty all along nimekua nikionyesha watu matanye..thinking that am the hottest babe…hakii those bodaboda guys around tuskys are mean haki mngeskia what they told me….they killed my spirit my smartness was sent down the drainage. Na wale wamama waliona nguo yangu imejifunua waka decided kucheka badala ya kuniambia God is watching…after the embarrassment..l jumped on the available Tuk Tuk..l went back n changed into my tights and t-shirts …let me fix my curtains in peace.hii Kisumu hiiii…….

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