9 year old boy from Migosi, Kisumu gives Mercy Masika a run for her money


In the past 1 week, a Kisumu resident Lisa Liz recorded a video of a young boy singing Mercy Masika’s song -Mwema and uploaded it to her Facebook page with a quote, “Could someone tag Mercy Masika?” She had zero clue whether it would capture the attention of the Groove Awards winner.

The talented 9 year boy is TREDDY BRADLY, a class 3 pupil  at Kondele Primary School. Despite coming from a struggling family background and missing many class sessions, Brad is a smart, intelligent & talented kid who has usually maintained the top  5 position in every exam, since enrollment. He is the second among 3 siblings (they are 3 boys, and he is the middle born)with eldest 11 years and last one 5 years.The 3 siblings,their alcoholic parents together with their grandmother live in the same house and she (grandma) fends for them all. The grandma operates a stall in Migosi area.

Bradley Treddy
Bradley Treddy

In the KTN Kids Singing Competition on Saturday,23rd July 2016 in Standard Group, Nairobi. Out of the thousands of kids from well-to-do families nationally who showed up for the contest, Brad managed to be among the best  20. He is now qualified for the next stage of mentorship and talent management. The grandmother had accorded temporary guardian ship -affidavit, more so for the travel to the auditions in Nairobi.

As at now, Brad has no PAYBILL that has  been  created to support his talent, education or family. The guardians Lisa Liz, the grandmother and Daisy, his manager are in the processing of opening an account for any member of the public who would like to pledge support of the same. Ignore any contact from other cunning Kenyans online who are duping the public that they shot the video clip and are the ‘alleged’ guardians to the Brad. So far Sarkozy, a top song writer in Kenya  together with music producers Mr Zee na Jack in the gospel industry have volunteered to mentor Brad. You can like his Facebook page – TREDDY BRADLEY

Watch the viral Bradley Treddy’s video singing Mwema by Mercy

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