Ni Yetu Walk to kickstart in Kisumu


Ni Yetu Walk will be a 2-week walk, from Kisumu to Nairobi, to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the promulgation of the Kenyan Constitution. Artists from each of the 47 Kenyan counties will be selected to participate in the walk.

Ni Yetu means, “it’s ours” in Swahili: our country, our constitution, our land, our future. The purpose of this walk is to instill a sense of ownership and identity in Kenyan youth. It’s a rallying call for patriotic citizens to stand up and take ownership. Interested to join us? Send an Email to

The walk shall  be divided into sections and one can join the team in the stages that fit your schedule. You can also cycle the entire route.
If your schedule does not allow you to join the group, you can still participate by sponsoring someone to take part in the 14 days walk at only Ksh 25,000/-, all-inclusive.

The 350 km walk will be flagged off from Kisumu on 7th August and we plan to arrive in Nairobi on 21st August. The caravan of musicians, dancers, graffiti artists, painters, photographers, film makers, etc., will make stops at various towns along the way, including Awasi, Kericho, Nakuru and Naivasha, where they will put on a variety of small performances and discussion forums for community members. Upon arrival in Nairobi, the artists will perform in the Hii Chapta Ni Yetu concert on August 27th at Alliance Francaise.

This date marks a significant milestone in Kenya’s history, since it was the date that the 2010 Constitution was promulgated and holding the concert on this date symbolises an intention to reclaim ownership of this document that patriotic citizens fought and shed blood for.
Some of the objectives we hope to achieve through this initiative include to:
• Provide a rallying call for youth engagement in public affairs
• Inspire youth participation in the defense of democracy
• Initiate a conversation about contemporary politics
• Celebrate Kenya’s spirit of resistance and resilience
• Unite Kenyans and rally them to a common cause
• Glorify patriotism, nationhood and nation building
• Celebrate our diversity

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