Riek Machar & Salva Kiir are fanning flames of war in South Sudan


By Eric Ochanji

As the dark clouds of death rise over a young nation, the world needs to take a firm stand against Salva Kiir and Riek Machar not to joke with their nationhood and the lives of their citizens. While they fan the flames of war in South Sudan and vultures feed on their people, the two combatants Salva Kiir and Riek Machar have their entire families living in leafy Nairobi, from children to aunties to extended families

The government of Kenya whose sanctions can have devastating effects on the world’s newest nation, issues lukewarm appeals for peace. Reason? Top Kenyan political leadership have big businesses in South Sudan. Both are scratching each others back. “Keep my children there i keep your businesses here safely”. Uhuru’s Kenya.

South Sudan Soldiers
South Sudan Soldiers

As long as South Sudan is still led by this virulent featherhead, there will be war. He has been duped by his tribal neighbour presidents that to get a firm grip on power, he must populate every department of government and all armed forces with his tribesmen.In a nation created by a long drawn war and in which people are yet to see even the smallest benefits of self governance, this is courting bloodbath, an unimaginable hecatomb.

It is allowed in political science and the business of statecraft. Any nation where you see gun exchanges in a presidential palace, can blow anytime. Ask Joseph Desire Kabila and many before him. Salvar Kiir is leading the purple people to the dogs.

Meanwhile Kenyans are asking where we can get information about our relatives stuck in Juba. Has the Kenyan government made any statements about this? Is the Kenyan Embassy in Juba being facilitated to evacuate?  Kenyans have relatives in South Sudan who are scared to death with no way forward and with no information at all.

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