“You can be an atheist without mocking other religions”

Harrison Mumia, President of Atheists in Kenya

By Edwin Ras Ouma

All Harrison Mumia (President of Atheists in Kenya) needs is ATTENTION. Nothing else.Let me give him one minute of attention. Young man,you aren’t the only idiot who is an atheist. There were atheists before you and there will be atheists thereafter the wrath of death will have swept your sorry arse.

To earn respect as an atheist, you don’t have to continuously insult God and Jesus Christ day in day out.

There’s away you can spread the gospel of atheism without mocking other people’s way of worship.

If your aim as atheists is get a following,then you must start by using convincing facts; but not using obscene words against other people’s way of worship.

In your latest Facebook post,you write,’I want to buy a dog and call it Jesus Christ so that any time i sermon it,it obeys’. Harry,this is nothing but a mockery.You are mocking God,mocking Jesus and mocking the followers of Jesus Christ.But why?
The other day I told you that you have a right to your own beliefs (or none of it),but then again you have a responsibility to respect other people’s right of belief.

Social Media post of Harrison Mumia
Social Media post of Harrison Mumia

I know all the attention you’ve been craving for is only meant to impress your western funders. You are not a sincere atheist, you are just an arsehole seeking favours from western funders through your ‘atheism’ gospel. Since you’ve chosen to be stupid for attention, I take it upon myself as my responsibility to remind you about your responsibility to respect other people’s right to belief.This, I won’t tire to do.
Good Afternoon son of a man.

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