Reflect about the day you die


By Lourine Okal

The day you die..your wall will flood with messages. “Oh gone too soon, am still in shock, oh can’t believe you are gone, why you” so many messages. Some will be too lazy to type anything more than R.I.P.
some will still send you friend requests. Others will spend the whole day on your profile. Your relatives will be itching as to who will be the first to “Break the News” on Facebook.

On your burial, your relatives and friends will be there in the latest fashions, car hires and perfect makeups under the sun-glasses. They will pause for photos and even post your lifeless body In a coffin..

Very few people will be mourning, only your children and your grandmother will be truly sorrowful. For your parents, it will be a case of whether you invested back home and if your Mpesa(money transfer) to them was active. If you were a ‘generous’ son, then the deeper the grief.

By now your wife will have gone to all the banks and insurance companies that you were investing in. She will rush to your office to see your boss about that month’s salary and your benefits. So she wants you 6feet under to go finish with the Insurance company.

Your grandmother will be there wondering why God took you instead of her..she will be truly dumbstruck and sad.

Your side chick won’t attend your burial because your phone has been off and has no other contact. Her biggest worry will be her rent..who will pay?

At 3pm they will be done. You will be six ft under. They will party and drink at your local shopping centre.
Then get back to Nairobi and life continues.

Forget YOLO. THINK YODO..You Only Die Once

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