No excuse for Karma


By Winnie Wadera

Have u ever been to the bank and the girl that bullied you in High school is the one mopping after you?
Or you were at the supermarket and the man called to wrap your boxes is the boy that scolded you in school.
I’m not saying this to disrespect any career , but it is saddening when people disregard others for no reason.
No one knows next week,  let alone ten years from now, You cannot treat people like crap today, You never know how the future turns out!


Especially kids,as parents its important to let kids know that the seeds they sow in the lives of fellow kids in school,as they play etc matters. They should treat others cautiously ,that’s a conversation we need to have with kids. Listen ,Karma knows no “I was a child,I was stupid
>> Ten years from now life will be very embarrassing and difficult for certain people.
>> You can buy an insurance package, but I tell you the truth, you are only giving the insurance firm business. No one can insure tommorrow!
>>You know how u treat people, you yourself. You know deep down ur heart, Do a self review!

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