Stop Stigmatisation of HIV positive Kenyans


By Eric Ochanji

The Kenya National Aids Control Council is a rogue organization being used for selfish ends.

Instead of showing a Somali in the morning, a Luo in the afternoon, an Arab at night infected and talking about HIV/AIDS, it is always a Luo man or woman. AIDS affects everybody and every part of this country. Always using Luos in this evil scheme is stigmatizing a community.

It is a tired narrative meant to hoodwink the donor community that large funds are still needed in a section of this country. The sad part is that when the billions come in, the region they fraudulently use to acquire the largesse suffers annoying resource allocation imbalance. We will not take this anymore.

Look for every Kenyan to do this. This message needs to reach the tribalists at National aids Council.

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