Tribute to Fathers (Day) in Absentia


In life, there is nothing as great as to be brought up by both parents. A mother to offer love and care, and a father to offer protection & provide for the entire family. I can hardly share my experience of any, for I lost then when i was a decade old.

At the end of the day, anyone can be a dad, I mean any fertile male human can get a woman pregnant. But it takes, a man bold enough to take care of his responsibility, taking care of his sperms. Most ‘dead beat dads’ brag of having several ‘baby mamas’, however fathers keep in touch & offer guidance to their children.

This drives me to 2016 father’s day, in an era of internet taking over the world, it is just normal to see the overwhelming posts on social media. Posts of people celebrating their fathers (both alive & dead). Single mothers on the other are busy praising themselves for being the fathers in their sons & daughters lives. This is bold, however fathers play a critical role in children’s lives according stages of human development in psychology. This is why such kids need mentorship from a father figure, a close male who they could look upto & offer guidance.

The sad bit of state of affair is that:
Some people lack mothers to celebrate & adore on mothers’ day.
Some lack lovers to share their lives with on Valentine’s Day.
Some lack fathers’ to celebrate & adore on a day like today on Father’s Day.

I dedicate this piece to this special group of people. Be grateful if you have any, some if not all these special type of persons in your life. For when they are gone you will listen to their absence & vaccum in your lives.

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