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Kisumu has recently been dominated by art and art related activities. International acts like Ferre Gola have flown to Kisumu to entertain the locals. Not even the constant under-perfomance by the Minister of Tourism, Madam Kisia (guest of honor who failed to attend Social Cuffs without apologies) & that of Culture Madam Kere has stopped the artists from pushing the bar higher.

To get away from the norm, a radio host, also an event Organiser Myra Anubi came up with a 3 day Social cuffs event that aimed to use art to tell the story of Kisumu people & their lifestyle. The event that was launched on 27th and happened upto 29th of May 2016 at Sovereign Hotel. In attendance were majorly locals and international tourists who had visited Kisumu.

There was plenty of art that had a touch on what happens around in Kisumu, both socially, culturally, economically and the lifestyle in the region. The art portrayed the famous drinking den, Club Barcadia to locals using tuktuk as a means of transport. The artists – Nicholas Odhiambo alias Nikomambo, Coster Ojwang & Eric Ayuti did a great job by portraying the daily routine of ‘Jonam’ , the lakeside people in painting.

According to Thelma Spits Lukachia, an artist from Kisumu, also the lead singer of Uzima band that does contemporary music,Kisumu art has not been fully embraced. She added that an art center should be built in Kisumu (one stop shop for art),artsists do not package their content & brand well, most events are poorly marketed thus leading to low turn out of the targeted audience. In events like social cuffs, some painters tend to over value their products, as they believe that the painting is worth more than what the buyers can pay.

Art enthusiasts should forwad to the 2nd season of Social Cuffs, art by the lake events.

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