When Jubilee government got sworn into power, as a youth I expected that the young and vibrant duo, the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto would create job opporrunities for the youth. Little did I know that the manifesto contained big and good looking initiatives that could not be implemented on the ground.

This government has appointed ancestors like Henry Kosgei to the cabinet. To Jubilee, people like Henry are the competent and energetic youths that can serve this great nation. The more experience the old dogs have in looting, the higher the chance of being appointed. Whereas in real sense,the fake ‘youths’have spearheaded the looting of taxpayers money that could have helped in nation building.

Back to NYS, just how sustainable is the National Youth Service initiative. As a youth, I must share that it is quite disheartening to watch thousands of graduate youths turn to garbage collectors in the name of ‘youth empowerment’. Why should Jubilee government mock Kenyan youths this much?Initially cleaning was the work of Municipal Council, the office was not disbanded yet a similar work is ongoing. Isn’t this dublication of jobs at the expense of tax payers money.

Over the past few days in Kisumu, hundreds of youths have been initiated to the NYS bullshit. Youths who about 60% are learned and almost half have gone through tertiary level of education have been turned into sweepers in Manyatta, Kondele, Obunga, Nyawita and Manyatta slums. A number of them whom I interviewed from different areas, shared that when cleaning they do shoddy work so that they may not lack a place to clean the next day.

No one is worried about the race against time, the learned youths lack jobs and any sustainable source income. It is even shameful to Kisumu Central MP Ken Obura who added salt to injury by signing a deal with national government to launch the mediocre project in his constituency. It is even more shameful to the MCAs of the mentioned areas who have signed the dirty deal of Eurond proceeds in exchange with NYS in their wards. This has been facilitated by Biometric registration of NYS cohirtdms

At the end of the day, what these greedy MCAs and MPs are looking for is campaign funds. While at it, they have sold their souls to the thieves of Jubilee lootocracy government. Meanwhike as a youth, who is learned and graduate ask yourself, “For how long are you going to be cleaning peoples’ faeces in the name of NYS? ” As youths we need to stand up, refuse to bow down to any politician and demand that you be treated as per your worth and abilities.

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