MUST READ!! NON-LUO spreads generocity to Kisumu


Many a times as Kenyans we often choose to suffer silently than to call out for help from our next door neighbours. This mainly due to our politcal affiliates and tribal cocoons.

Deep in Nyanza, is Kisumu city. A town that is one of political hotspots in Kenya. This has in turn affected development of the town into a city. Majority of investors fear Kisumu due to the intolerance political heat in the region.

However this has not hindered the business mogul, also the co-founder of Amsha Mama (Joe Kariuki). In 2 days Amsha Mama in Kisumu has been receiving overwheming number of women registering, beating the record by having over 5000 women subscribers from diverse backgrounds.

Being a Thursday, many people would spend the whole day in their offices, but the humble philanthropist Joe spent his day in Kisumu slums (Nyawita, Nyalenda, Manyatta, Obunga) and markets ( Kibuye and Kondele) empowering women. This entailed buying them more stock and issuing afew starting capital to start business. Joe aims at enhancing sustainable women initiatives.

Catherine Achieng, a vegetable seller in Kondele said, ” I have been strugging to buy stock for my business in 10 days. As a widow , who is doing business am grateful to Joe. The market sales have not been so good due to the protests, but am not more cheerful to sell”.

A hand that giveth is that which receiveth. So just like Joe, put tribalism aside to build a better Kenya.

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