Kisumu Going Global (Airtel Music Star)


Lakeside City is a rich land. A land of all sorts of talented, hardworking and learned humans. A land whose origin has produced great people locally & globally like Dennis Oliech (talented footballer), Paul Ongili (SONU leader), Lupita Nyong’o (actress) King Kaka (rapper), Raila Odinga (Former Prime Minister), Barrack Obama (POTUS).

Back to ART. Kisumu has produced great musicians, Susan Owiyo leading from the front. She has done her best to mentor new artists & promote art in Kisumu County. Following her steps gradually is a young, social, beautiful & talented lady -JOVIAN ZUENA.

Zuena’s love for music started way back in my primary days in M.M.SHAH but later picked in University where she used to be in the Moi University band. The group played at a local joint- Wagon and held student night events at the Lecturer Halls within the university. After graduation she came back to Kisumu, and joined Brayo Souls(SoulAfrique) band and had a couple of events at Boston Cafe. Currently Zue is with Uzima Vibe led by Thelma Spits, and ocassionally she performs at Sovereign and The VIC Hotel respectively. Recently she perfomed alongside Congo artist Ferre Gola while he was in Kisumu.

As United Kisumu (UK) residents we can jointly vote for Jovian Zuena by sending the code 54210853 & 54210910 to 33733 for Airtel subscribers.
For none Airtel subscribers kindly go to www.tracemusicstar.com,select the country kenya or enter the code on the vote pane and cast your pane.

Lets bring the throne home. As at now she is among the top 5 singers who have been highly voted nationally. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

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