More transpires on how businessman Jacob Juma was killed


Jacob Juma was killed by professional shooter (Special Police officer) on Thursday night on his way back to his Karen home.

Juma was shot seven times in the head and three times in the chest as he joined the Southern by-pass. An unidentified vehicle first cut in front of Juma as he was about to join the Karen bypass forcing him to slow down, according to a motorist who was following him. The motorbike then drew alongside the car so that a gunman riding pillion could shoot Juma, according to eyewitness accounts recorded by the police.

After the shooting, the car and the motorbike sped off in different directions without stopping. Juma’s car ran off the road and
crashed into a bush.

Juma drove himself alone most of the time even though he knew plans to assassinate him were already finalized. Ten bullets were fired at the car through the driver’s window and the right passenger window which was completely shattered.
Nothing appeared to have been stolen from Juma or from his Mercedes Benz Car. His wallet still contained Sh6300 and 500 US dollars. He was still wearing his gold Rolex
watch and he had two mobile phones on him by the time the police arrived.
Police found court papers and Treasury documents about the Eurobond inside the bullet riddled car. The vehicle has now been towed to Karen police station where investigators dusted it for finger prints. AP officers who were guarding Ngong forest called Karen police officer after they heard the gunshots.
Detectives from Karen police station including
CID boss Kenneth Njoroge visited the scene of
the shooting the following morning. The officers found no cartridge cases on the road or inside Juma’s car, indicating that the gunman had a cartridge holder on his rifle.
The gunman was therefore careful to cover his tracks.

It is presumed that the killers used a high caliber weapon considering that the vehicle was in motion. Bullet holes on the right
window were closely spaced together indicated that gunman was a professional.
Nairobi CID boss Ireri Kamwende said police
were yet to establish the motive of the murder…

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