Kisumu Artists’ Protest



A big demonstration is to be held this morning in Kisumu city by artists from the entire County of Kisumu. This follows claims that the budgetary committee had misplaced priorities in mind when allocating funds for art. The artsists demand for a review of 2016/7 county budget in which sh 6,000,000 has been set aside for construction of Kanyakwar wall.

In the recent past , the County government of Kisumu has partnered with events organisers and boards based in Nairobi to organise art & cultural events being hosted in Kisumu. The same county that has done little to recognise & support local events organised by artists in the region. Examples being the Luo Festival, Kisumu Festival & Miss Tourism Kisumu that flopped after being spear-headed by the foreigners (a team imported from Nairobi).

It is at this juncture when the artists who have had enough, tired of being choked through belittlement & being looked down upon, that they take to the streets to demand their rights. Their rightful space. With the right audience. Right resources and allocation of art amenities.

The artists’ representatives are kindly asking artists & non-artists to join fellow Kisumu artists tomorrow as we claim our space and stake in this county. The dress code is white to create emphasy on the peaceful procession. The artists shall be collecting more signatures to support the petition. The Police will accompany the protesters to offer security escort.

Point of convergence -Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground at 9am

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