Kenya is such a big country with many tribes though afew are so dorminant. Such include the Kalenjins, Kikuyus, Luos and Luhyas.

My concern is in the 2 tribes- Luos & Kikuyus. Comparison between them show that they have a totally different way of doing things.Take for instance in Jubilee government, majority of the graft cases have been led by Kikuyus, sorry to say. The latest being the Wiguru graft. In most of these cases none of the Kikuyu supects has ever confessed to stealing even a single dollar or acre of land. Luos are usually the first to spot robbery & make ‘KOKO’ ,noise.


Where are Luos when these other tribes usually embezzle funds? Grab land? Steal votes? Is it that Luos are never part of the officials or you are just talented in noise-making, complaigning and reporting graft.

It’s no news, in most cases of mob unjustice, ‘just threaten a Luo, thief even before a slap & he/she will mention EVERYONE they have robbed you with ‘. This is how Kisumu insecurity was partly dealt with, by getting hold of a single luo thief & he/she mentioned the rest including their hideouts. Our brothers from Central do steal and die alone. No mentioning of the accomplices. A luo would steal sh1000 & mention all the guys he shared the money with, kiuks would instead steal 6million shillings & ‘die like a man’, no ‘selling’ of other squad members.


Case study of insecurity in Kisumu slums & Nairobi. A luo thief in Kisumu would attack you, rob your items and the kill or beat you to almost death. This is quite a myopic move, it leaves one to wonder, whom this guy would steal from the next day. As a foolish thief you are bound to go to bed a hungry man. Kiuks in Nairobi on the other hand would steal the items they need & leave you to go scort free or with minor injuries. WHY? Because they know you will definately replace the items & he/she will come to take them again.


As LUOS it’s high that you start being smart upstairs especially as Kenya is headed towards 2017 elections.Stop relenting & always crying over spilt milk.



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