Life is a like a classroom, some lessons come with tests.


By Tarquine Ouko

Have you asked yourself why some things keeps happening to you? Why some events keep recurring in your life? Why all your relationships end up in heart break? Why do all ventures end up in a loss? Why you keep attracting the wrong people?

This life is like a classroom, full of lessons to learn. Some lessons come with test and examination which you need to pass to get to your next level.

Failure to pass puts you in a circle or in the same class. Those lessons come with mistakes we need to learn from. Until you learn from such mistakes, you can’t succeed.

Life is meant to be lived, it’s full of adventure, rise and falls, pains and gains. That’s how we make it from down to top. Taking risk is part of life, once you win, you lead but if you lose, you guide then the mistake becomes our teachers.

Mistakes are temporary not permanent, mistakes present us with opportunity to learn some valuable lessons, sometimes in a painful way, and when you learn the lessons, the lessons will stop showing up.

We all make mistakes, so caring what others think gives them ownership of who you are.

Admitting your mistakes or shortfalls doesn’t diminish your strength but gives you courage to move on. Keep close the people who stay with you in times of mistakes and appreciate those who walk into your life to help.

Thanks the ones who walked out, it’s better to kick out negativity in times of mistakes. Don’t be disappointed with people who said

” I will always be there for you “

but left, such is life. Sometimes the things you most want doesn’t happen in your life but the things you least expected does.

Just as people don’t have permanent addresses, so do places change, feelings change too and most importantly, people change.

You could meet thousands of people of which none of them really touched you but in the midst of difficulties you meet one person and your life is changed forever.

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