Hotel Review – Impala Eco Lodge, Kisumu


Well valentine’s day has just passed and the lakeside was abit quiet when it comes to get away options for couples and their loved ones.

We opted to look for an alternative venue for this particularly group where they can have their post valentine or Easter celebrations.

Having worked in the hospitality industry, specifically a tour firm for years, I linked up with my former colleague who is also the only renowned vlogger in Kisumu (Laura Jean-Louis) to explore Impala Eco Lodge that is located in Impala Park in Kisumu.

With vlogger (Laura Jean-Louis) and Eco Lodge manager (Robinson Anyal)

Jambo Impala EcoLodge is nestled on the shores of Lake Victoria, within the lush grounds and protected ecosystem of the Kisumu Impala Sanctuary. Built to minimise ecological impact and to maximize your comfort, this is the perfect base for exploring Kenya’s Western Circuit and the many activities offered by the lake.

The private bar in each cottage and the living area

Within easy reach of major air, road and rail networks, Impala EcoLodge is reassuringly secluded from the madding crowd, making it the perfect getaway.

To gain access to the Lodge, one has to pay for the park entry charges, which like for us we paid kes 215 per person (adult) and kes 300 (for a 5 to 6 seater car). The guest have the honour of strolling through the park before or after enjoying their hangouts and stay at the Lodge.

This is a perfect joint for families, couples and people who enjoy the serene stay away from the city life as it has a picnic site 300 metres from the lodge.Accommodation costs are approximately $ 155 per day.

Park entry tickets for the car and guests

Lake Victoria Eco Lodge offers world class facilities with 24 executive bed capacities with private terraces and balconies facing the lake.

“What stood up for me, is the swimming pool, and traditional homestead setting with anakara designs, thatched roof, private bars in each room, wooden furniture,private bars and the big screens in each room with 40 inch plus sizes,” – Vlogger Laura Jean-Louis

Outlook of the cottages at Imapala Eco Lodge
Event organisers are not forgotten either, The MV Beast in the shores of the Lodge can host 50-100 guests for executive dinner events or wedding. There is also a pathway through the lake shore that allows to have your meals and toast to the special occasions under the breeze from Lake Victoria.
MV the Beast
Well, as for us we wrapped the trip by visiting the park. Impala park has a couple of wildlife to look for that includes the ostrich, Buffalo, monkeys, baboons, leopard etc
Visiting Impala park on our way out from Impala Eco Lodge
The lodge has executive boardroom areas for conference and private meetings for their guests. Another Amazing fact is that the wooden table in the picture below can also be used for playing draft. Great Right?

The cottages are named in Luo numbers like “Achiel meaning one, Ariyo meaning two,” actually we thought it was Mr Anyal’s idea since he had named hotel conference rooms in Acacia hotel where he worked previously in luo. But he affirmed he found them named that way. It’s a great way of celebrating our heritage I must say.

Would I go back to visit and chill at the Lake Victoria Eco Lodge alias Jambo Eco Lodge? Yes.For the first time I visited a hotel with great and ecstatic services all the way from customer care to the waiters. My friend, Laura can confirm it took less than 5 minutes for the meals we had ordered to be delivered and they were freshly cooked.

Enjoy swimming at the pool by the shores of Lake Victoria

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