Learn when to let go, don’t lose yourself trying to save someone


Most people who are guarded and push others away only do it because a lot of people have hurt them. They have been left alone by people that said they would be there for them when times got hard. So they push people away to see if they will resist and tell them they are worth fighting for and holding onto.

Give yourself credit for everything you have made it through that you thought would break you. Be proud of yourself for pushing through the days that you thought you wouldn’t make it past. Realize all the changes you’ve made, how much you’ve grown, & how far you’ve come. I’m proud of you.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn when to let go. When communication fades to constant arguments, let it go. When you constantly have to tell someone how to treat you, let them go. Dont lose yourself trying to save someone, a relationship, or a friendship.

 Trust the process. Letting go is the hardest thing to do but makes sense at the end. While even on bad terms with the person, still respect and be loyal to them. 

If they wanted you & loved you, you wouldn’t have to question the relationship. You wouldn’t have to wonder about their intentions, because their actions would provide reassurance to their words. If you have insecurities, they wouldn’t make you feel bad for havin them, they would work through them with you.

Most of the strongest & most beautiful people are the ones who have been through a lot. They’ve suffered, struggled, failed & been knocked down, but have found the light despite all the darkness around them. They’re so compassionate & have an amazing appreciation & understanding of life

Whoever’s reading this, I pray that you find someone who wants to see you successful, watch you win, & help you grow. I pray that you find someone who defends you & is loyal even when you’re not around. I pray that you find someone who falls in love with you everyday.

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