Kisumu parliamentary aspirant Richard D.Ogendo exposes political fraudsters


Politics is in deed a dirty game that should not be played by the faint-hearted. After the recently concluded nominations by ODM that turned out to be shambolic, Kisumu central parliamentary aspirant Richard D Ogendo took to social media to express his disappointment in his campaign team having allegedly squandered his campaign cash that was meant to be used to enhance his popularity on the ground. Many politicians have fallen into these similar trap, some of them being Gem Mp Jakoyo Midiwo and Kisumu governor Jack Ranguma.

Richard D. Ogendo’s Facebook post read:

“We politicians commit so much time and resources away from our families and friends to try and reach as many voters as possible.

When we therefore engage our lieutenants to bid for us it is the trust and faith that we have in them that drives us to allow them to represent us before our electorate. It is however unfortunate for others to take advantage of the politicians and run away with campaign money meant for advancing the popularity of the candidate.

Ken Odongo, the Self proclaimed Engineer

For this reason I humbly ask my friends and ‘trustees’ to stop running but simply refund the campaign money they took from me. It will be cheaper for them and less hustle. Otherwise I have reported to Kondele Police station OB 21/18/517 persons who obtained money from me by false pretense.

I have been compelled to go public by this since they have gone underground. Anyone who sees these boys should report to Kondele police Station without hesitation.

Michael Raphael, the self proclaimed political guru

I will reward from the funds they took. Am not doing this for the money but for future reference to would be fraudsters. Let’s stop political parasites and engage professionalism.”

Michael Raphael
Kenedy Odongo
Denis Olal


Kisumu Parliamentary aspirant Richard Dickson Ogendo


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