The twist & turns in Kisumu Gubernatorial race


The same way you have been embezzling funds meant to empower the poor to propel your selfish businesses is the same way your votes are stolen after spending a similar amount in campaigns – Case study A

The same way you have used goons to hit rightful protestors during you tenure in the county, is the same way the similar goons have united to steal your votes & ensure you go home with your ghost works. This very aspirant has been moving around Kisumu CBD like a headless chicken trying to more supporters to elect the candidate come August elections. But as they say, ” Do not bite the hand that feeds you,” which this team must have clearly forgotten. – Case Study  B

You have been so mean in helping the public & paying your own staff, in return they have also become mean with voting for you. This candidate is already falling off with a bunch of the team members, after abandoning the youths that facilitated discrepancies in ODM nominations to seal a lead. Kisumu youths have been given a back and the strategy team replaced by “bloggers wa Nai.” Just how long with the cool kids from Nairobi move around the bushes to maintain in place what the ghetto youths had achieved?- Case Study C

Meanwhile gubernatorial aspirant Hezron Mac’Obewa’s website has been suspended since 29th April 2017. It is not clear whether this is his move after losing the controversial ODM primaries, however for swing voters who would like to have a read at his manifesto and achievements over the years, to review whether they would like him ti be a candidate of their choice, it is nothing but err.

Could Team Mc’Obewa have short-changed  their IT guys leading to the suspension?


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