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This is based on a true story, where Hate robbed me my child. And this one is not for the likes neither sympathy or intended to expose anyone but for a sober mind to learn, for couples to take heed and know that God’s judgment nowadays is instant.

9th January 2017, shall always remain the darkest day of my life where I received the news of my son’s death.

My dramatic story began when I separated with my woman and she took away our 3 children from me and this kept me restless since I loved my children alot. For a period of time I was kept in darkness of how my children were fairing with life since she didn’t pick my calls, neither returned my texts or even let me see the children and this truly made me depressed at some point. But I kept persistent on seeing the children to a point I became frustrated and really didn’t understand why she kept denying me the love of my children. This was too much for me to take in so I decided to lay low and not disturb her again but to sit back and watch how all this drama unfolds.

So after a couple of months the children started missing me and they pressured her to talk to their father. ( This always depends with the bond you have with your kids…..fathers take note ). So she allowed me to take them over the holidays and return them when the schools are about to be opened. This made my heart glad and I could treasure those moments and build the bond with my lovely kids. And this went on for sometime until one day I received a call from my older son : “Daddy, tunahama” and that directly brought some shockwaves in me and what exactly came into my mind was my children and more so my second born whom I knew her mother had forcefully removed him from a school in buruburu where he was doing well academically to another school and now that they were shifting houses to a far distance, it’s obvious the child will have to change school again. ” This is a total torture to this child ” I told myself. The fact that she was shifting houses without my knowledge kept me wondering why she could make such a move without letting me know. And why my son wisely had to make such a noble call just to keep me on the know how. When I called her, she was surprised how I found out and she was not willing to disclose where they were moving in to. And this again kept me worried since this was like a way of me not seeing my children again.

So after a couple of days in the dark again, I found out where they moved to and exactly where they were staying. And to my surprise it was one of my good friend who had made her make such a hasty move, promising her job and a future. This took me into deep thoughts as to why my friend would make such offer and not even tell me but I kept my cool and I planned for a visit to see my kids. And the day came when I went to see the kids only to find out they were living in a miserable state and it was evident they were suffering and this truly got me shedding some tears and wondering how can she remove her kids from such good setting to such an environment of suffering. Let me say I can’t blame her, this was Satan in control and when you let Satan in …..he comes with all his families. And I knew this was not her but Satan in charge. And in life, Bitterness….Hate…..and Ego don’t help, there are satan’s way of destroying a personality. And my humble advise to all couples, never let these three bad vice control your relationship coz that’s Satan happiness. And more especially where your kids are concerned, they blind you from seeing the best for your kids and you start acting selfishly to boost them.

Anyway I kept visiting my children once in a while but to be frank I personally didn’t like the atmosphere they were living in but I prayed to God to prevail. But on the other side she was making her moves to take me to the children’s department for upkeep. So a summon was issued but it happened when I was out of the country and so when I came back the date had already passed and they issued an arrest warrant where I got arrested, locked up on a Friday night and that was the longest night that day! I couldn’t sleep but think how could she get me arrested after all i have gone through with her? Was i irresponsible father to my kids? …..i mean the whole night was question after question. And that’s when the thought of me taking custody of my children came in, I demanded to talk to the OCS and lay my story since my case was not criminal and he listened to me sympathetically and this made him to release me and directed that I should go and see the children’s department and lay my case.

The day came and I got to their offices around midday and inthe room was two women mediators. First I demanded to know why I got arrested and what were the allegations. I got shocked of what the allegations were…..that I had neglected my children and i was irresponsible father and abusive. All this was not true and again I knew Satan was working relentlessly to see my downfall. But I kept my cool and laid my case down and they got shocked of what I said, for they saw I was innocent & responsible father and so I demand if it’s possible I be given the custody of my children since they were suffering and living in a bad atmosphere and she couldn’t manage to raise them at the moment. And to my surprise, I was given the full custody of my 3sons including the 2yrs old. This truly made me a happy person on earth and I said to myself I will never deny my children the love of their mother. I was just a custodian and to no point did I want her to feel as if she had been refused her kids. For a mother’s love is essential in the upbringing of children and I just wanted her to see am there to help but she took it in another angle ” amenyaganywa watoto “.

Instead of this making peace, it built alot of Hate and Bitterness within her and a room of vengeance. I think she wanted I deal with maintenance and she keeps the children which I couldn’t have a problem with but I considered the children first…..their well being. Let me say this ladies, if you separate and your ex is willing to raise your children on your behalf since you’re not able at the moment,  just give thanks not all can do it. Don’t try and make it hard for him especially if he has not brought another woman in his life. The last thing such a man needs from you is encouragements, support & prayers but not unnecessary hate & fights. And here is where you choose your circle of friends wisely…..otherwise you will get some who are just envious & ready to destroy a good foundation for your kids with some hypocritical deceiving ideas. If you listen to them, you destroy the betterment of your children – Take heed my lady.

Now taking custody of my children was the biggest challenge to me as a man coz I had to make sure they’re clean, they have eaten, their laundry are cleaned up, they go to school on time and they are comfortable & happy……all these without a maid or a woman beside me. I give thanks to God I could manage all that alone and still get out there and hustle a daily bread. I kept motivating myself that this kids are not growing younger so this is just a phrase in life that will come to pass. Let me say kids are real motivators in life coz when you feel low or something didn’t work out, they innocently cheer you up until you forget what was stressing you. And there’s nothing so fulfilling and happy as a single parent to see your children happy, content and not sick! Those are the moments to always cherish. Truly children are the kingdom of God.

For almost a whole year when I stayed with my kids their mother only came twice to check them and this made me wonder but still l knew Satan was controlling her coz you can’t keep that so much Hate in your heart if you have God in you. God and Satan don’t mix so is Love and Hate, they can’t be friends.

So December of 2016 was a bright month full of shows and events and since am a deejay this meant to be a reaping month. And I, on the other side wanted to see my kids happy and them to enjoy new year in style. But little did I know that Satan had other plans……Yes! Evil plans. She asked me if she could have the children for the Christmas holidays which I didn’t refuse but to be happy that my children will be in safe hands with their mother and granny and their bond will continue being strong. And I knew i will be comfortable where l am knowing that the boys are happy but again Satan crept in and destroyed her mind. The day I came back in the country, January 2017 and asked her for the kids so that they can go back to school……she send two and refused with the smaller one and denied me from seeing him again. Which made me ask myself alot of questions but this time Satan was determined to destroy all the good that was there.

My concern was to why Satan wanted to separate the brothers that were raised together in love and the reason to destroy that child’s academic progress since I had enrolled him to a school. This truly kept me restless and angry and I demanded to get the child reunited to his siblings but to no avail. And she went ahead changing the child’s school without me knowing yet she knew the same child was in a good school. She was full of hate and Satan was in full control of her and there’s nothing I could do but pray for that kid. And I think God saw how much HATE was there and the little innocent soul was the one suffering in all this and so he had to rescue him. After the child attending that new school for two days, on the third day he fainted and died. Mysteriously in a school of many students, it’s only my child who got choked by food but something convincingly told me this wasn’t my battle and I should stay aside and let God show himself. God saw the agony the little soul was going through and decided to rescue him by getting him out of the picture. At one moment this got me totally confused and shocked at how HATE can really destroy. Satan had triumph and was victoriously looking at us in joy. The last words from my son ” Nipeleke kwa Jahz ” ( maybe he wanted to see his brother Jahziel for the last time ). He begged me to take him along the day I visited him at that school which I declined since I wanted her mother to bring him back with love instead of me taking him by force. I just wanted to do things diplomatically and not to play push & pull. I didn’t read the signs on the wall……my child didn’t recognize me and he was not calling me dad ( a child you have stayed with for more than a year, that strong bond, left him for less than a month? and he doesn’t recognize you? That was strange – some brainwash perhaps? ) and here you have him pressuring you not to leave him……Ooh Lord! I truly didn’t read the signs.

Kids are blessed with an extra senses, they will know if you love them or not…..whether you want them around or not. Just like a dog how it feels the spirit of a person.  And for this i humbly advice parents, if you hear your child tell you something & he/she looks serious or disturbed please take it serious, don’t ignore otherwise you will regret to death. Nothing is so painful & agonizing than knowing maybe I could have saved my child. And I even felt sorry for her and angered at the same time to see how a mother could have so much hate & bitterness within her to stretching the rope so tight until it breaks. It’s a selfish game she played but God made this game become a checkmate.
For my case HATE prevailed and we both lost. It’s a pain that both of us will live with it.

I miss you son, Jah know. You forever remain in my heart.

God Shall Always Prevail

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