You do not have to make others feel little because you or them are different



By Letoya Johnstone

After listening deeply about a conversation between heterosexual boys about how they hate LGBTQI Community in the industry yet they are still sailing in this modeling world , this is the word of wisdom from me to you all.

Modeling industry is an industry that is predominantly female . So , whenever you step into an industry that is predominantly of certain sex you get the stereotype that you are gay.

Be proud of this industry and every single male model , gay , straight , heels , corsets , drags etc . Who gives a f**k who they are or who you are ? Whether you like it or not most of the people you will meet in this industry are from LGBTQI Community. You maybe dressed in away you may not dress in if you have a chance but that is work and that is how things run here. Whatever your friends think or what you may believe in is your own and you do not have to make others feel little because you are different or because they are different. There is a quote that says , ” They laugh at me because I am different . I laugh at them because they all look the same .!” You are here for work and that is what you need to do. If you may feel otherwise then reach out to other careers but there too be rest assured that whatever you are running from here might be greeting you ,” Good morning or saying Have a lovely day or evening without your knowledge.

Each of us are striving so hard to make it up there and those on top are also realizing that it is not even about making it dear ; It is always about maintaining it.
Things like mountain climbing teaches us a lot or rather tells us that ” The difference between climbing 100 feet and climbing 500 feet is just the point of view . You don’t know if you are at the top until you get there pal , and that is what you need to remember.!

We are all wonderfully made and unique in our own way. God knows the reason we are the way we are and yourself as a human being however smart you maybe may not understand. It is like asking the world to speak the same language to avoid language barrier.!

This message is not here to make other people to feel superior about others or for others to feel represented. It is here so that we may learn that all of us deserves greatness or opportunities , or equality or everything good ; but the sad reality is that these good things don’t come on a silver platter . Before you hurt your fellow human being by what you say or do to them , just remember that incident you were never the hottest person in school , the one whose spouse cheated on or dumped , that situation when those you thought were on top rejected your ideas or never believed in you, that moment you almost gave up and will you had that made you push through the storm .

The world has more painful things worse than just an individual person or a group of people being different. What destroy us are what people leave in us after hurtful incidents. There is a girl who is unable to conceive yet too pretty , there is a very handsome man who worship the devil , there is a rich person who wish of death or can’t sleep , there is a child who wish for a mother , there is a HIV+ person who wishes there was a cure or rather a cancer patient who prays that the cure for cancer is found , there is a woman who lives with a man she doesn’t love or a man who is impotent and prays that the wife or society don’t find out out about him. The list is endless. What makes meaning in the face of this earth is the legacy we leave behind ; And you don’t have to be mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela to make a difference or leave a legacy. It is just about how open minded you are to enable people around you realize that you are special, because you opened for them the doors of resiliency , power , encouragement and wisdom …..and that you allowed them to realize the light and made them know the difference between winning in silence and opening your mouth just to say something just because it is the right thing to say. RESPECT .!

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