Wondering about who killed Jacob Juma?


IMG-20160506-WA0023[1]This is why I believe  the enigma, bold Jacob Juma’s death was a well planned and choreographed assassination. Jacob lived a life of daring to tell what others can dare not utter. He was basically an anti-graft billionaire businessman.
He had invested on a bullet proof vehicle which the government was quick to shun, in his words he said his killer was sponsoring laws to get at his armoured limousine.
Jacob uncovered several looting scams by his killer e.g NYS saga and eurobond saga, the money was allegedly used to pay ICC judges. He was also a whistle blower to the land grabbing of many
pieces of land e.g the lang’ata primary school

When Jacob Juma posted information about him being targeted and information about his killers. No one questioned him or took him to courts. It seems they knew he knew.

Jacob Juma named his killer severally. He also stated that his killer had set up a media team to taint his name before assassination so that if anything happened to him they would blame it on the ‘enemies’ he had. In a nation where people who are hungry for power butcher and torch houses of Kenyans to satisfy their ego for power, I expect nothing less than more assassinations to vocal activists who speak  against graft. Kenya is mourning a great sand of our cradle motherland. We shall miss you together with Ojode and  the late George Saitoti.

Several hours after Jacob Juma was killed the Government is silent.
Angira who Jacob Juma accused of being his killer’s media man was the first to author that Jacob Juma had died, first hand information?
The Influence of the cartels is overwhelming.. If we do not fight the cartels, we become their slaves but leaders who do take on the cartels must be prepared to be killed or exiled.


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