Incompetent Politicians


    Deep in Nyanza, Muhoroni sugarcane scheme is Menara Primary School. 10 years ago, the institution was among the top perfoming ones in Muhoroni Constituency, almost outdoing the private schools in the region.

    A decade later, what remains of the institution are cracked walls, muddy floors, classes with no windows and leaking rooves. Currently it is still among the top perfoming institutions though with low mean score as compared to the past years.

    Accessing the school is even a great ordeal. There are impassible roads between Bangla Junction and Muhoroni Town. Drivers are avoiding potholes like it’s the new driving test. The vehicles can hardly move pass Mnara towards Homaline. The streetlights that were supposed to be launched in Mnara have been transferred to the MCAs home in Jaber.

    As voters of Muhoroni Constituency are these the kind of incompetent leaders you want to re-elect?

    Hon James Onyango Koyoo, Member of Parliament for Muhoroni Constituency & the area MCA Mr Willis Ogony have less than 2 years to deliver their campaign promises to their subjects. Otherwise start packing to leave public office.

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